Globe Trot Travel


My name is Jessica Majchrowski and I am an independent travel consultant. I started Globe Trot Travel in 2011 after many years of planning travel for fun. While I specialize in destination weddings and group travel, I can book pretty much any kind of travel.

  • Cruises
  • All-inclusive resorts
  • Guided tours
  • Independent tours
  • Hotels
  • Flights
  • Car Rentals
  • Vacation Homes/Villas

If you would like help planning your next trip, please contact me. Don’t know where you want to go? No problem! Tell me what you’re looking for in a vacation, as well as your budget, and I can give you several suggestions.

Email: jess (at)
Phone: (773) 809-5569

Fun fact! I am also a photographer and you can see my work over at Bella Tu Photography.